The gBalance Bar

The gBalance Bar is an integral part of gTonnicks. It is necessary in performing the moves correctly and powerfully.

The gBalance Bar is made of light material with smooth coating and weighing less than 2 lbs and comes in two different sizes to choose from: 42″ long (if you’re 5′ 6″ tall or less) and 48″ long (if you’re over 5’7″ tall or more).

The gBalance Bar comes in two parts that screw together to form one unit. 

Your enrollment to the program gives you a complimentary gBalance Bar with FREE shipping for the first 25 clients to sign up and within the U.S.  

Personal Fitness & Wellness Coaching at its Best!

This is not just another exercise video you get and then, you're on your own. First of, this is a unique workout you won't find anywhere else. Second, your entire workout program will be monitored by the one considered as CalabasasTopTrainer & voted Most Motivating Instructor, MisterG as your personal coach & motivator. Third, you will also get:

  • A complete program

    The gBalance Bar. FullBodyTone Part I workout. FullBodyTone Part II workout. Stretching routine. Nutritional information

  • Personal Coaching

    Personal coaching & motivation by MisterG. Answers to your questions. Exercising tips. Training schedule. Wellness enrichment topics

  • Private Access

    Your own personal & private portal. Your progress monitoring & records. Access to your workout from anywhere

Your workout schedule

Week-by-week progress and monitoring

    1. Message From Your Coach, MisterG

    2. Prepare to Succeed - Understanding and Practicing gTonnicks

    3. Practicing gTonnicks - Front Leg Extensions

    4. Practicing gTonnicks - Lateral Leg Raises

    5. Practicing gTonnicks - The Arabesque Leg Lifts

    1. Body Types

    2. Which Body Type Are You

    3. Eating Right For Your Body Type

    4. How Much Carbs

    5. Calories From Proteins

    6. Calories From Fats

    1. Carbohydrates

    2. Proteins

    3. About Fats

    1. Part 1 - Week One

    2. Part 1 - Week Two

    3. Part 1 - Week Three

    4. Part 1 - Week Four

    5. Part I - Week Five

    6. Part 1 - Week Six

    1. Part 2 - Week Seven

    2. Part 2 - Week Eight

    3. Part 2 - Week Nine

    4. Part 2 - Week Ten

    5. Part 2 - Week Eleven

    6. Part 2 - Week Twelve

a 12-week long program

  • $99.00 / month

More About Your Personal Coach

Creator of gTonnicks and the gBalance Bar

In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Specialist, MisterG is also a 10th Degree Master Black Belt and inducted in the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004.

" Most people say I'm the best. However, I don't believe in being "the best" when it comes to helping people. Just being excellent! I want to be excellent in everything I do. I work for excellence out of self-respect, respect for my work, and respect for my clients. During my competitive years, I became a three-time national Basketball champion in High school . I was also admitted to the National Taekwondo Team of Niger earning a second-degree Black Belt accredited by the World Taekwondo Headquarters (Kukiwon) in Seoul, South Korea. As a fitness coach in California I expanded my clientele to include celebrities such as Julianne Nicholson, Nia Peeples, Katherine Heigl, Ernie Hudson, Tia and Tamera, Nikki Sixx, and many other prominent personalties. I recently authored and published my book entitled No Bulk! …for Women.
I'm looking forward to meeting you and being of service to you as your gTonnicks' TheSleekestWorkout Program coach."

Former and current clientele of MisterG include:

Actress Katherine Heigl, Actor Ernie Hudson, Actress & Singer Brandy, Singer & Actress Nia Peeples,Actor & Comedian Sinbad, Actress Julianne Nicholson, U.S. Marines Security Detachment Guard, The U.S. Army, Actresses & TV Hostesses Tia & Tamera, and other prominent personalities.

video message

Master your body, lift your spirit with the ultimate mindfulness movements.

The beauty of gTonnicks emanates from the fact that the body movements are executed in the same scientifically precise sequences that dancers, gymnasts, and superbly toned martial athletes use to build and maintain their physiques we all envy and admire.

Training begins August 22, 2022

Enrollment closes August 1st, 2022. Limited clientele. NOTE: you will immediate have access to your program and Prepare to Succeed while waiting to receive your gBalance Bar. You might even be able to start your featured workout before August 22 if you so chose.

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